Jacob Sheep

Jean has been breeding, training and working her ‘Loynton’ labradors for many years and currently has dogs from the sixth and seventh generations of her own breeding. When registering her affix with the Kennel Club she was unable to use the name Loynton and instead has registered Loyton.

All her dogs which are used for breeding have been x-rayed for hip displaysia and have current eye certificates. They are known for their soundness and biddable temperaments – ideal for working ability or as family pets.

Photographs on this page show the diversity of Loyton Labradors.


Loyton Sedge, Willow
and Blackthorn

Litter brothers
Loyton Rupert (L)
Loyton Blackthorn (R)
as part of the winning team
of three working gun dogs
Crufts 2002

Jade and Dime
posing by
’The Folly’

Aged 6 months