Stock for Sale
As well as potential show winners,
we also have pet sheep suitable for people just looking for a great hobby





Spring is around the corner and these lambs sired by Loynton Harlequin, Carochy Jura, and Overdale Young Max look extremely promising and I am really excited by the prospect of plenty to choose from both for sale and for my own replacements.

Have you got a paddock that will need grazing this Spring and would you like the fun of a small starter flock of Jacobs - a facinating and interesting breed.  As the Field Officer for the Jacob Sheep Society I enjoy helping and advising new breeders and if you would like to come and look at my sheep please do contact me on phone number 01785 284229 or

If you would prefer adult sheep I have for sale a few both two and four horn shearling ewes and a choice of two unrelated shearling rams.